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Soya Setup

The TSPL set-up new venture of Soyabean crushing. For setting up this processing line, various cleaning and separation equipments are to be installed. We are putting the cleaning Equipment supplied by Buhler, BUHLER GROUP (https://www.buhlergroup.com/global/en/home.htm) which is Swiss Company with worldwide recognition as one of best cleaning equipment manufacturer in world, having pan world presence. As TSPL is catering to Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Cambodia, & Sri Lanka.


TSPL is set-up refining of all Crude oil, & for that TSPL is putting the best setup from Desmet Ballestra Group, (http://www.desmetballestra.com/) based in Paris, is also one of the leading & best manufacturer of edible oil refineries having pan world presence. They do the entire turnkey work. And most importantly this is our USP, that in 250 KM radius nobody having Desmet Ballestra Group edible oil refinery, same like other products, in oil TSPL having good marketing network with the super stockiest chain.

And same to this, the Indian vegetable oil economy is the world’s fifth largest after the US, China, Brazil, & Argentina. Since 1995, Indian share in world production of oilseeds has been around 10%, per capita oil consumption in India is only 10.6 kg/annum which is low compared to 12.5 kg/annum in China, 20.8 kg/annum in Japan, 21.3 kg/annum in Brazil and 48.0 kg/annum in USA. Vegetable oil consumption has increased following a rise in household incomes and consumer demand. India imports half of its edible oil requirement, making it the world’s third-largest importer of edible oil. India imported about 16 million ton edible year in year 2017-2018. The country buys soya oil from Argentina & Brazil and palm oil from Malaysia & Indonesia.

Product Line

TSPL has always implemented steps to create strong niche products in the International market as well domestic market, for bringing its products and services which are Up-market for a continuous growth of the business attuned to global business environment. There are various products manufactured through the Solvent Extraction process used for food feeding cattle, poultry, aqua, sauce , bakery,& ready to eat food industries, which remains in high demand particularly by the quality food producers in India, South East Asia, Middle East and Far East countries.

 De-oiled cake (SBM-48%):

The Extraction i.e. de-oiled cake (DOC) is being exported to the extent of 50-60% and remaining DOC is being sold in domestic market. De-oiled cake is utilized in cattle feed, Poultry Feed.

 Hipro De-oiled Cake (SBM-50%):

The Extraction i.e. Hipro de-oiled cake (Hipro DOC) is being exported to the extent of 50-60% and remaining Hipro DOC is being sold in domestic market. Hipro De-oiled cake is utilized in hi protein Poultry Feed, & Aqua Feed.

 Super Hipro De-oiled Cake (SBM-52%):

The Extraction i.e. Super Hipro de-oiled cake (Hipro DOC) is being exported to the extent of 50-60% and remaining Hipro DOC is being sold in domestic market. Hipro De-oiled cake is utilized in hi protein Poultry Feed, Aqua Feed, Pet Food.

 Soya Defatted Flakes (DSF):

The Extraction i.e. Soya Defatted Flakes (DSF) is being 100% exported DSF reduces the moisture of the finished piece to a low level to give it a long shelf life. Improves protein content of processed food, prepared mixes, Hypo allergic milk, Candy products, Special diet foods & Alimentary pastes. As a base material for fermentation for making antibiotics. As a Nutrient for Bacteria culture. used in manufacturing of Soya sauce, Soya Nuggets, Soya Granules, & imparts functional characteristics like emulsification, thickening, discernibility & water binding, readily Wettable.

 Soya Defatted Toasted Flour (DTF):

Defatted Soya Flour Toasted is a high protein, low in fat product, maintains the balance of Essential amino acid in the body which is required for the development of muscle, connective tissue & enzymes and is the simplest form of soya protein. The protein content of the flakes is approximately 50% much higher than the other grains. The soya flour contains high quality protein which is an excellent source of iron, calcium B-vitamins. The only nutritive functional protein which is fully fat proof. Nutritional soya flour is an excellent compliment to lysine limited cereal protein with other essential minerals, vitamins and this is indicated by its use in fortification of cereals to form composite flours, as a replacement for non-fat milk, solids in bakery products all-purpose food blends. DTF is used in manufacturing of Soya Nuggets, Soya Granules, Processed food stuffs, bakery, Multi grain flour, wheat Flour, Biscuit, & ready to eat breakfast industries.

 Soyabean Hulls:

Soybean hulls are a by-product of soybean processing for oil and meal production. This product consists largely of the skin which covers the soybean. Soy hulls do not generally need any further processing to feed, and is a very cost effective feed for the dairy industry. Soy hulls are utilized in the dairy industry as a partial replacement for forage and concentrate. The fibre in soy hulls is rapidly fermented and highly digestible. This is coupled with a very low non-structural carbohydrate content which makes this product a particularly good energy and fibre source, resulting in a very favorable rumen fermentation pattern. Using soybean hulls in a high energy and high starch ration may improve animal performance.

 All Kind of Refined Oils:

We refined almost all kinds of refined oil like Soya, Cotton, Mustard, refined oils which is refined in state of art setup, installed & erected by Desemt Ballestra (http://www.desmetballestra.com ) based in Paris, is also one of the leading & best manufacturer of edible oil refineries having pan world presence. Refined oil is the product oil which after refined, and removes the harmful impurities in the crude oil, and then achieves the state quality standard. The refined oil has a great number of advantages over the crude vegetable or animal oils; it is more sanitary, healthier and more suitable for human's daily edible uses. The refinery oil is non-deteriorate, easy to store and produce less lamp black when cooking. However, crude oil means the vegetable or animal oil without refining after being extracted. This kind of unrefined crude oil includes a series impurities like phospholipids, FFA, pigment, off-flavor etc. which is the mixture of fatty acid triglyceride, and non-glycerol substance, all these are not good for human's health.


Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is equipped with technologically advanced machinery and equipment that enables us to produce quality and quantity Soybean Food Products. We are capable of producing 200 M.T. of Soybean Products per day. Thus, the infrastructural base plays a vital role in fast and steady growth of our company.

Quality Assurance

Owing to priority to serve the optimum quality products, we maintain highest standards while processing Soybean Products. We also conduct stringent quality checks under strict supervision of our quality control executives. Hence, we make sure that only superior grade Soybean Food Products are delivered at the Buyers end.


We have a strong and well-established network base that is spread all across the globe including Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, and many other countries. With our well-connected network base, we are able to provide small and bulk requirements of the clients within the stipulated time space.


TSPL forms one of the strategically located and fast growing medium size players, with an established brand and a distribution network in domestic as well in international market. Being situated at raw material markets and proximity to major consumer markets the lesser transportation is required.